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Pacific Partners began . . .
in 1986 Graham Carter answered an invitation from the King of Tonga to start Christian radio in his country. Graham had been involved in Christian radio in New Zealand and went to Tonga with the expectation of planting radio as he understood it from his experience in Auckland (a modern western city).

However, Graham soon realised that the Western approach to broadcasting was not going to be effective in Tonga (or any other Pacific nation). He discovered that people from tribal cultures (even when they do speak some English) learn differently, and are not readers (there had been no written language before the early missionaries and few books are available). As well as this, there were almost no resources to fund or operate radio in these poor nations, and of even greater concern, there was no Biblical ministry available to make Christian radio programs. (Almost all local churches in the Islands are traditional and legalistic, and few preach the Gospel or disciple their people.)

So Graham and a few Christian friends from New Zealand and the USA began reaching some of the young people of Tonga and discipling them into Biblical Christianity. As these young people learned how to follow Jesus, they were trained to share their stories of "discipleship discovery" their listeners while inviting them to go on the air with their own stories and questions and prayer requests.

Slowly our workers and radio listeners became spiritual seekers together!

As D T Niles has said, “Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.” The difficulties we encountered through this lack of local resources were actually God’s way of helping us develop a truly effective local ministry. One that wouldn’t be seen as an imported and foreign voice giving even more information about God in these religious places where there is already much being said but little being lived out by way of Biblical Christianity!

And as more and more listeners responded to Jesus Christ, some of our workers were trained in pastoral visitation and outreach (schools, prison, hospital, etc) and to lead home Bible studies.

This is how the radio/discipleship ministry of Pacific Partners has developed.

Today in the Islands, Pacific Partners is under local leaders who have spiritually "grown up" in our ministry, and are coached and developed by Graham Carter. Radio stations and home Bible studies are all staff by trained local volunteers. And Pacific Partners is working in several other Pacific nations to obtain radio licences and identify and develop local people who can start the process of establishing their own Christian radio station.

If you are already one of our Partners
who have made this possible through your prayers and donations -
“Tagio Tumas long big fella help iu bin givim and God blong iumi long heaven hemi givim big blesing lon iu.” (Thank you for your help and may God bless you – Solomon Islands Pidgin.)

If you are visiting us
please look around and consider becoming our Partner in discipling the nations of the South Pacific through radio. May God bless you.


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