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Loni 'Akolo is Discipleship Manager of Pacific Partners in Tonga. He disciples new believers and follows-up on radio listeners who seek spiritual help and pastoral care. Loni is also a board member of Pacific Partners Trust, Tonga. Loni started with Pacific Partners in 1998 as a shy young man with little English and little confidence. Now, he is in demand as a speaker and teacher in Tonga and in other South Pacific Islands. Loni is married to Fane and they have three girls - 'Asena, Chastity, and Grace.

Loni’s personal story

"I was brought up in a religious home my parent's always push me to go to church and as well as other related function. I join the Sunday school and try to be a good boy but inside me there is nothing new or even good either. Because I was trying to let the society prove that I'm a nice boy I attend several youth camp and always go forward for the alter call (many times) but still the same old boy. One day a man talk to me about a relationship with God and how God show me that He really love me by the way of sacrifing His son for me. It really touch me and without emotional feeling I surrrender my life to Christ.

One year from that committment I fell off a coconut tree and hosipitalize for 1 year after that I found out that I can't be walk anymore (now I'm on my feet but by the help of a walking stick). I really don't know what is ahead of me. The worse of all I think to myself that's the end of the road. Still go to church, being one of the Sunday school teacher but still don't know what's along the way.

One day a man call me and ask if I want to work at the Pacific Partners Christian radio station. Because I'm getting sick of staying home I think that's an opportunity to get out and do something new. I say yes to the offer but I really don't know anything about radio. Date was set for the interview but when I go in I saw the palangi [white man] inside, with me only having a little bit of english I think again that's it. I can't make it.

Fortunately the Lord make way for me to be part of the Pacific Partners radio ministry.

Now I'm glad that the Lord use me through radio to reach not only the people of Tonga but further from Tonga to the other island.

I'm so thankful that the Lord establish the christian radio in Tonga and call me in to use the gift that he gave me through the radio to reach out eventhough I don't have much physical strength to go around fulfilling His purpose for my life.

I believe that the verse He show me before (Jeremiah 29:11) when I'm in the hospital really come to reality through the Christian radio Station.

My vision is to disciple the people of Tonga through radio (which I've already started as Radio Bible School) and from that RBS home groups has been started in several villages. Praise the Lord.

Loni ‘Akolo - Tonga

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