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from JM in Africa

Have been receiving your daily verses through one of my friends from Tonga Country and am a Kenyan (East Africa) i love them so much coz they inspire me alot in my life. I just want to say thanks for the work that you are doing spreeding the word of God and may the Lord almighty continue doing the great wonderful things in your life.

I am a christian and may God bless you

from NU in Tonga

I just read the script it really touches me. Throughout the past three weeks I have this strange feeling that I am going to die soon . I had nightmare when I go to bed and my body been so weary. So I prayed to God to forgive my sins and please allow me to have more days on this earth in order to be with my family and fiancee. So, there was a time I just do not want to enjoy life because I will die soon but reading this script forward to me by a fellow christian of mine it really touches me and it helps me to overcome my fear but to enjoy life and ask him to take my hand in a way for my life not to live in fear but to praise his name and drive the demons outside me.

from FP in Samoa

I know I am not a strong person but I am trying my best to become strong enough as a true Christian can speak and share the word of God to others who did not understand or knows Gods Love. But I thank for the Gods Way Everyday which helps me in every difficult ways that I may face this time of my life.

from K & R in Vanuatu

I went through depression and stress (and I believe spiritual attack for letting my guard down).. which was a turn around point for me. During my time of resting and sleeping (as per doctor's advice).. God caught my attention..I asked God to use me for what is on his heart.. I started to have a big burden for souls around me... I started to look for opportunities to share and how to show God's love.... to make it short, My husband's father , mother and our home helper (house girl) are now Born Again... We (my husband and I ) are now starting a Bible study with them and a separate study for our other staff who have not accepted Jesus. . . After reading your newsletter I am very encouraged by other workers around the world who are also serving our Precious God. HE IS WORTHY! I encourage your staff who are running the radio stations in different island groups that their works are not in vain.. We were just listening to the station from Tonga (via internet).. it blessed our hearts...

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