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Willy Florian - Tonga

Willy Florian is Station Manager of Letio Faka-Kalisitiane 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga. He is a very popular radio host and discipler of new believers, especially young people. He teaches weekly Bible in School class in local high schools and primary schools. Willy is a Fijian who has been raised in Tonga and is married to Mele. They have two small children - Asharzia and Baptiste.

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Willy's personal story

I was bought up in a family that go to church every sunday,with a believe that through good works and obeying church doctrine will some how take me to heaven. I was taught that to gain my salvation is by obeying the ten commandment. I tried my best to obey it but i can't, for the more i try, the more i sin, so i thought that i'm not good enough for Heaven.

Then until a brave young man (who is now my spiritual father ) came and shared about Jesus in a way that i have never heard of. He was working at our Christian Radio station, at that time. Later on he took me to a discpleship class that was hosted by our Christian radio station (the course is BCF Biblical Self-Confrontation). Here, it was my very first time to understand the word GRACE, Gods special favour, His act of good will, in saving the human race who dont even deserved of earnig it.

From here change took place,as i begin to grow in the knowldge of knowing Him. I did not complete my studies and end up as a gardener for two years,working under the sun,and with a heart desire Saying Lord when will you used me, that is when that prayer were answered through the radio.

I entered the radio at the year 2000 when i took the place of my spiritual father, and working in this radio has really change me alot. I thank God for using me in a way that will reach people who are been blinded by believes that is not biblical.

My heart and desire is to see my island people come to know the Lord in a deep relationship but not a religious act, and even see them being disciple and grow and rooted in the Lord. I praised God for the radio in the Island, for it change me, equipped me and even used me for the Glory of God, Amen!   anchor

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