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Lives are being changed in the South Pacific Islands

thanks to your Partnership in prayer and finance.

from ST in Tonga

Gramham, I wanted to tell you all how joy I'm right now.I have been talking about Christ and sharing them to my friends and they willy enjoyed. Sorry if you don't understand my English writing. This is one of God work so that I can write and read in English evendow I'm in broken english. . . I didn't mine how long would it takes to answer my email but there's a time that God give all and that will be that time. I know you have a lot to do and I unsder that.Because Christ say If you one things on my name I will give it you.Gramham sometime we have to patience of what God telling us to do. Well may be the Glory of the Lord be with you all and guide you where ever you may go.

from Letio 93FM in Tonga

Willy [radio staff member] has an opportunity to disciple a young Moslem boy who came into contact with the station ministry through the youth program. The young boy comes from a staunchly Moslem family, his father is wanting to open a temple in Tonga. On giving his heart to the Lord, this young boy has been ostracized by his family, to the point where he was wanting to commit suicide. But he has stayed in constant contact with Willy and the members of the youth radio program for encouragement and is hungry to learn more about the Lord and actually asked Willy outright if he could disciple him.

from LD in New Caledonia

Thank you for having sending us the prayers. We have said this prayer and have becomed Christians and also God's children! Thank you again for the mail!!

from JK somewhere in Europe

YES I PRAYED THIS PRAYER AND BECOME A CHRISTIAN Thank you very much, I ask for your prayer for me and my family, I have a family with two beautiful kids and lovely wife. I was born a Christian ,went to a Christian school, go to church every Sunday , without faith in God or trust him, I have no power to stop me for be a sinner. I am sick of living with fear and unhappy , I failed twice on woman in my marriage, my wife never going to trust me, I am sick of fail , confess ,fail confess. I ask for your help and prey for me." I really want to be a man of God"

from LL in Tonga

Thank you very much for your encouragement through these messages,it's a great honour for me being a part of your family in Jesus Christ. . . thanks God for all his Guidance upon me,and I know for sure that he won't leave me alone,I feel safe in everywhere I go,because He is always with me,like today's verse,Why should I worry,God is my provider and my protector.Thank you for all your praying and supporting in everything we do,May the love of God and The Holy Spirit fulfill the desire of your heart.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

When the riots took place all other radio station were shut down . . . During that time our christian station was like a hospital, people were looking for medicine,for answer,for a way out and right there JESUS NAME WERE PROCLAIM. Radio phone rings all the time. . . the whole kingdom [of Tonga] listern to our christian station, becauase the national radio only broadcaste at 6 o clock in the afternoon. to God be the glory.

from Laif FM in Papua New Guinea

I want to thank God for Laif FM. I become a Christian thought this radio,I was listening at the beginning of this year. My life was so influence by what I have been listening to I am now a born again Christian, I also told three of my work mates to listen to the radio and we all have profess faith in Jesus. Now we a Christian and we love listening to Laif fm.

from MP in Solomon Islands

"I am very interest to join you and the partners, because I hear from the christian gudnius FM and also from friends. I am still young and I need to stay connect with God everyday of my life. So Graham I need your help and some encourage words for young youth like me to stay connect with God, because you know I and my big sister and little brother we live without parents, our daddy already died when we still small and our mum just live with us not to long and then she get married. So what happen, we just staying with our auntys and uncle but it is not good. from your daughter m . . .

from Letio 88FM in Vau'u Tonga

There was a couple facing a family problem (husband have an affair with another woman) and they are ready to leave each other. Another woman knows the problem and decide to help those couple but don?t know what to do but as she listen to the radio the Lord use the verse and the sharing from the radio to give that woman a courage to go and help that couple the result the problem solve and the couple stay together again.

From L in New Caledonia  

Thank you for having sending us the prayers. We have said this prayer and have becomed Christians and also God's children!

from P in Tonga

Thank you very much for the Bibble we are bless to have those very easy to understand.Our Tongan word so few some time is hard to know the meaning of those word but with this bible is very easy to understand the meaning.Also some of us practice our English by start reading out loud the Bibble.Thank you so much to those who donated those bibble to us.

from AF in the Middle East

Hi, my name is A . . . an oversea friend of your organization. I had been praying this prayers ever since i had your website. Please may i ask you a few questions about Christianity? My first question is how can one be come a true christian. Secondly how would one follow the steps of christ.And how may one know better.

from MT in Tonga

The station here [Letio Faka-Kalisitiane 93FM] is so blessing especially when the riots held, and every house that i enter they always listen the christian station everyday...... The workers are so good and what i observe now from the christian station is grow up coz every day i heard the radio the line are so busy when the people use the phone to share and desdemony and sing a songs etc. thank you very much for giving this instrument to our country that help the heart of sufferring and problems.

from N in Tonga

oh hi im a tongan and i accepted christ two years ago and sometimes i fail to do what he wants me to do but that doesnt mean i do not ask him for his forgiveness.........and most of the times i pray to him and just to thank him for his help and everything.......and as i read your fellows mail it gives me hope that just make me feel stronger and i know for sure that without his help i will not be able to become alive again.........with all sinful things i have the way i will be happy to receive these kind of mails from you........

from S who runs one of our Bible study groups in New Zealand

M. . . comes from a [names a cult] background, her family grew up in this and all still attend. M. . . has started questioning and has been stirred to really seek the truth. She comes faithfully every week, with questions and is really hungry. She is convinced that the Word of God is the truth and is eager to share that truth and what she?s been learning in our bible studies with her family. She is in a wonderful place of influence, and she understands that by living her life before her family in the truth that she has learnt, they too will come to ask questions and seek. .

from Letio 88FM in Vava'u, Tonga

One pastor ring to the station and share how the radio encourage them and they tune in 24 hrs to the station they enjoy the bible study and other spoken program from the radio.

from L somewhere in the Islands

I must say that when I read this weeks [Gods Way Everyday devotional] reading I could not stop reading it as well as going through the verses in the bible. The readings you send me, its like you knew me. To me it was like GODs direct message to me, most of the readings does reflect on the type of person I am. The reading on learning to for give, understanding GODs values and the bible and unity says alot. I say I am a christain but from this reading it shows that I am not. . . Please tell me how I should be able to cleasne my old self of sin, and be a servant of Christ. I am a shy person and also a hypocrite, what the readings said in the bible is so true about me, and thats why I kept on reading it because I felt guilty.

from D in Australia

My family and I have been using the UCB Pacific Partners daily reading material for two years now and have been greatly blessed and strenghtened in our christian faith as a family. The daily readings not only enable us to continually read God's word but also grow in God's wisdom and understanding. As students, studying at the Australian university, we have been unable to support financially but we have strongly felt a call to be your prayer partners in ministering God's love in the islands.

from N in Tonga

I have this strange feeling that I am going to die soon . I had nightmare when I go to bed and my body been so weary. So I prayed to God to forgive my sins and please allow me to have more days on this earth in order to be with my family and fiancee. So, there was a time I just do not want to enjoy life because I will die soon but reading this script [Gods Way Everyday devotional readings] forward to me by a fellow christian of mine it really touches me and it helps me to overcome my fear but to enjoy life and ask him to take my hand in a way for my life not to live in fear but to praise his name and drive the demons outside me. Pls pray together with me to drive away this fear that ruins my conscience.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Yesterday a man ring up to the station and ask for advice because he realize there is a difference between what his pastor taught him and the things he heard from the radio. Last Friday he heard the announcer was talking about receiving Christ as your personal savior and he is the way the truth and the life without him we can't enter the kingdom. That man was worried when he heard that because his pastor told him to keep on doing the good work like giving to the poor, helping those in need etc and by this he will enter the kingdom of God. He was worried so he rang up and ask for advice. We do councelling him on the phone. Praise God that people know the truth through listening to the radio and not only that but turn up for follow up [at our First Steps discipleship classes].

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

. . . a mother talk to me on the phone and share with me that she is living together with a man (not married) for 11 years but she knows that what she is doing is a sin so she listen everytime to the radio and follow with every scripture that was given from the radio. His husband take their radio with him to the bush and listen to our prayer time every day and pray with us. They are not too far from their salvation so please pray that the Lord will touch them and show them the right way to walk.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

One of the favourite secular music artist in Tonga . . . came to the station tears in his eyes asking for help. He has been accepting the Lord as his savior while listening to one of the program on the radio. We are looking forward to follow up that man to fan up the flame that is now started.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

A young girl . . . has been run away from home with a married man. She hasn't been found by the family but she ring us for prayer and help. The father was angry with her and didn't want her back. That girl has been terrified by her father before with a gun and lately (before she run away) with a knife telling her that if she do something to dishonor the family she'll pay for it. It's a hard case for us to follow up but please pray for us as we do the follow up and hope for a reconciliation between the father and daughter.

from 'First Steps' discipleship class in Tonga

There is a girl she is a nurse and she's joining us doing the first step bible study . . . She is a live-in nurse and she should be at the domitory at 10.00pm otherwise she'll be penalize. As she continue to feed from the word through the first step [our follow-up program] she really want to attend doesn't matter what the cost. I've heard that twice she was send to weed the garden or sweep their domitories just because she attend the bible study.

from Gud Nius Redio Solomon Islands

Last week two drunkard taxi drivers were drinking their beers when the music 'ANOINTED AFRICA was on in the air. The power of God through the songs struck them so stongly that they threw away their beers without finishing them. They wept bitterly for their sins and started heading to the FM station for help. God is good.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Last week a man ring up and share with us the truth of his life. . . he give his money to support the church and more than that he start supporting the poor people in his village. His pastor told him that if he will keep doing that he will end up in heaven. For 20 years he keep on doing that. Until he heard the Christian Radio announcer talking about receiving Christ is the only way to heaven. That truth really struck his heart and he found himself believing that truth. He search the bible and found out that it was true. He need to know more about that truth so rang up to station and we follow him up on the phone but he didn't tell us name or his phone number. We are praying for that man hope that we will keep in touch with him soon.

from Letio 93FM Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Tapena . . . rang us and ask us to pray for him. His right side is paralyzed he can even move and if he try to move himself something inside of him start to block his breath. He can't be able even to go to the bathroom for a long time. Also his right side was swollen.

We pray for that man and this morning we receive a call and tell us that after praying the Lord start to heal him . . . he can't even feel that thing that is going to block his breath, and also yesterday he went to the bathroom twice.

from Telesia who works for Letio 93FM in Tonga

It's exciting to live at a time when knowledge is available to people of all ages and God is using other people's gift to help those who are start to walk as a christian (especially us in the islands).

While I work as a part time announcer I have an opportunity to attend a bible course called "MY FIRST STEP". We just started the course but unfortunately I have to leave to Australia for a couple of months. I miss the study so I decide to take the manual with me and to do the study by myself while I'm away cause I know it will help me alot. My niece saw me doing the study and she ask me if she could join. We start from lesson 1 but when we come across lesson 3 at the end I encourage her to make a decision and the result she gave her life to Christ. She really like the material cause it's biblical, and it is easy to understand and not only that but as you do the study carefully and prayerfully the Lord will use it to open your eyes to by the guide of the Holy Spirit to realize who you are and the change need to be done.

She was interested in doing the study so she asked me how about leading a bible study using the same manual in her church youth. The church is a Samoan church so I decide to start. We go through the study up to study 7 (that's the end of my time with them). While we were going through the study some of them didn't know how to start a Christian Life (seeker) and that's my opportunity to lead them Christ. And the other half of the group they were interested in study 2 "Religious is not the answer" they share their testimony with me and they said that they go to church doing all the things that the church require thinking that by doing that it will be the answer for their problem but as they go through study 2 they believe that what they learn is true and they accept it. They really excited to know the answer for their problem about religious.

I'm really thankful for the Lord for this material it really helps me personal in my walk as a christian and not only that by equip me to reach out to my friends. Praise the Lord.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa Tonga

A lady just finish from the theology college last year. She likes singing and shes now recording her first album (christian album) but shes doing it with a night club band. The husband doesn't like the idea and they always arque about that. That lady have bitterness in her heart for her husband but she haven't share it to anybody.

She tune in to listen to our lunch hour drive and the announcer was sharing from the Gods Way Everyday it was talking about having problem and struggling but never share it to someone. That particular part really touch that lady and she ring up sharing what she was going through. She even crying over the phone. The announcer pray with her.

from Letio 93FM in Nuku'alofa, Tonga

A young lady she's a christian but her home they non believer. She always listen to the station and she was encourage when she tune in every time. But on the other hand she face problem with the rest of her family even when they find out she's listening to 93 they take radio away from her and try to stop her from listening to Christian stuff. One day the announcer was sharing from the Gods Way Everyday and the topic is "Walking through the fire" that girl was so blessed by that and she rang up to the announcer to share her heart. The announcer pray with her and even following up her through phone and she also invite the announcer over to her place to talk.

from AT

I have prayed this prayer, [the Salvation Prayer in the back of Gods Way Everyday] and made Jesus as my Lord and Savior...Please can you also pray for me so I won't work on Sunday anymore, cause Ive been asking my boss that if I can have Sunday Day off permanenty...And he said if you want sunday off, you rather stay home and don't come back to work anymore, so you can go to church every Sunday...

from BI in Pakistan

I have received "Gods Way Everyday" ...I read it everyday and it helps me grow my Spirit and I am becoming an obediant to the Good news of Christ. I am a muslim seeking for salvation by reading this booklet I found Answers of many doubt quistions. Now I believe in Jesus Christ just because of reading the last page of the booklet.

from LA in Tonga

...most of the prisoner are listening to the station and one of the prisoner become to know Christ and every time he listen he encourage his fellow inmate to join him listening to the station not only that but they are taking note of the things that are interesting them.

from KR in Nigeria

I have prayed the prayer of remorse, at the end of the booklet, and I am glad that Jesus has interceded and mediate on my behalf. I want Jesus to be my ...friend from now on, not devil.

from AF in Tonga

...I really love to read the Gods way everyday because its give me strengthen, knowledge and I need him every second, minute all the day.

from ST in Fiji

We are blessed by your ministry we really love the teaching [Gods Way Everyday] cause it is so simple and easy to understand. I came across an indian lady...she has just devorced her husband. She had a daughter and a son but was taken away from her by her husband...she has lost hope and the idea that is on her mind was to committ suicide. But Thank God, cause He has His way. His ways are higher than ours. I showed her the booklet [Gods Way Everyday] which was with me at that time and asked her to read the reading...after reading that, we turn to the last page as it says and followed everything on it. As she was reading it I could see what the Lord was doing to her, tears was running down her cheek...she was able to find a relationship that she had lost.

from K in Nigeria

I have prayed the prayer on Page 64 of Gods Way Everyday...Remember to always send me Gods Way Everyday daily devotional guide. I want to live my life for Christ. I have discover that I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. I need Him every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year.

from SG in Vanuatu

Thank you for sending me this week's reading's... I felt that they were all for me... in the first reading I got reminded how to become a better wife to my husband ... second & third that God has a better plan for my life and especially for my little family, I should stop worrying ... but leave it to God and ask him for the peace I need in my heart ... fourth reminded me of the love my husband and I received when we lost our baby ... all the rest reminded me that I have broken my promise to God long time ago, but He is still here to welcome me back ... I just have to take that step to acknowledge and accept him.

I really like how you define some of the words in brackets, this is very helpful.

from ST in Papua New Guinea

I am very grateful and thankful for our heavenly father who through his Holy Spirit has directed me to be in touched with your Ministry. It was not by mistake this has happened. Praise God! I have been richly blessed by your book titled "God's Way Everyday". It has really helped and developed my personal relationships with Jesus.

from JL in Guinea (Africa)

I and my family are really blessed with [Gods Way Everyday]...It has really helped us in devotional and everyday-life as christians...My wife and our three years old daughter and I now live in a refugee camp in Dabola which is about 1,300 Kilometers away from N'Zerekore...I am presently serving as Youth Leader in the Church in the camp...Therefore, Mr Carter, I as your partner, would like you to send me more copies so that I can distribute them to the members of my youth to make them grow spiritualy in their Christian lives. We are mostly war-affected people from Liberia and Sierra Leone that are the members of the Church. Just wanted to let you know how much your daily word of encouragement have blessed and strengthened me and my family in a big way. Thank you so much for being faithful to your calling. Others to whom I've been sharing [Gods Way Everyday] on a daily basis have expressed how much they look forward to each and every day's word.

from HW in Vanuatu

This week's reading was really my message. I am so blessed with this week's message. That was the answer to my prayers. Not my week but thy be done. I love my Jesus and I am so thankful to you for uplifitng my faith with his words. God bless you all and the ministry. Greetings

from L in Fiji

Both my wife and I are truly grateful and use the resources in our Bible studies daily with the family, taking each day at a time. They have been very, very useful and through those inspired words and examples, I am glad to say that I have also won souls for Jesus, praise the Lord!

from CL in New Zealand

Someone passed onto me a copy of Gods Way Everyday whilst my husband and I were experiencing some very stressful and difficult times within the family...We thank and praise God for His loving care and guidence we received through the daily readings and scriptures..."

from CY in Korea

I lived in Tonga past 3 years as a missionary. On that time I always had a devotional time with the Lord through [Gods Way Everyday]. I miss Tonga and also my little devotional booklet. So I would like to have [Gods Way Everyday] while I will be in Korea . . . the booklet always helping the Islanders to learn more about God. It's very simple message but it it's prartccal way to learn about God.

from KC in Australia

y sister sent me a copy of [Gods Way Everyday], which was very timely as I am going through a very difficult relationship with my wife. The passages has brought me a lot of relief in rearing my four sons as well as coping with work pressure - I have never been closer to my Saviour before this personal crisis.

from SM in Vanuatu

I want to thank God for the booklets, they blessed me a lot in my ministry of Evangelist around Vanuatu. I am really really blessed with al the wonderful topics in the booklets, sometimes I used one topic to preach on it our radio Vanuatu

from SB in Fiji

Many many thanks for your weekly mails [Gods Way Everyday] I've been receiving. It has really strengthened my daily walk with Christ and I am very happy as well as my family, about the changes that they've found in me.

from PL in Tonga

By coincidence, someone I vaguely know sent me [Gods Way Everyday] dated 16-07-2001, which was about no fear and believing in God, about not being a victim. The reading seemed so heaven sent to my confused mind and just seemed to answer questions.

from FK in Fiji

Our fellowship group has been receiving a lot of [Gods Way Everyday] booklets. As a student I've been blessed by reading it and my friends as well. Gods Way Everyday has been of great encouragement to me during the coups in Fiji.

from AH in Tonga

I am currently a student at the usp in Tonga and I hereby need to be a member in your prayer member and I want a copy of the current [Gods Way Everyday]. I'm very interesting in reading it because its encourage me much as a Christian little girl.

from OM in Tonga

I have not any stage of 32yrs in my life have ever given my life to the Lord. Today, I have just done that thru the prayer that you've sent me in [Gods Way Everyday]. And I want to thank you for your assistance.

from UT in Fiji

[my husband] was lying on the floor and with a copy of Gods Way Everyday and his Holy Bible and he was reading in English even though he only reached class 8 in his education . . . He started sharing what he had read in our family worship last night, Oh, I was very happy . . . He is very happy to read his Bible now. I love God who also loves Pacific people.

from TS in Papua New Guinea

I am a teacher and am taking Word at our local church as well. [Gods Way Everyday] has provided me many insights into the sharing. I have shared some [readings] and discussed a few with my friends. I thank God for being a part of this ministry . . .

from TH in Tonga

[a taxi driver's wife] didn't know he is going out with another woman. There comes a time he live unemployed . . . one of the book he read is [Gods Way Everyday]. He was confuse at the first place because of his sin but at last he gave his heart to the Lord by following the prayer at the back. He is now willing to go on and keep in touch with the Lord.

from a student in Fiji

Last night as I was in my room, I was praying for my poor being and ask God to revive me once again in this last days...Your word of prayers and encouragements have worked in some way that I am sure believe He is the God our helper and healer who can heal the secret scars. I really thank the Lord for what He has done in my life and the great things He has given me. He made me revived again that day and His name to be exalted forever.

from KA in Australia

When I first came into contact with Gods Way Everyday how it has helped brought me peace at any time of the day when in my very busy business schedule things have become hectic and I'm about to lose control as anger and frustration surfaces. Thank God for his guiding hand that has brought help...

from WM in Fiji

Read today's portion of Gods Way Everyday and praise the Lord ... He met me where I was and He lifted me up and I know that GOD has forgiven me and is just waiting for me to trust him totally. You see, I am so blessed and our GOD is the God of Miracles...You know how did He know that I was feeling this way and Gods Way Everyday just burned right into me and unpulled the plug of guilt and now I am so glad and praise the Lord...He lives.

from PC in Fiji

I am very happy to know that you brothers are building 93 FM's new Radio Station in Tonga, yes also glad that the Lord has been blessing the ministry of Christian Radio 93FM... I thank our Lord very much for some new Tongan language programs that are ministering to the listeners in powerful ways.

from LV in New Zealand

Thanks for Gods Way Everyday. Very encouraging. Every morning I switch on the computer, I look at "my" Gods Way Everyday for today. You know how some people turn to Newspaper for daily horoscopes (I mean Stars)? Your readings are the truth and reliable than horoscopes. God Bless and take care keep up for the Lord.

from LT in Tonga

Thank you very much for the prayer [the Salvation Prayer in the back of Gods Way Everyday] and it really touches me and I believe with all my heart that I have been forgiven. Eventhough I have called myself to be a Christian but I was not acting like a Christian. With the prayer you have given me to pray, my heart was filled with joy and blessings.

from RG in Papua New Guinea

Reading Gods Way Everyday has really helped me to grow strong in the Lord. In many occasions, I have used the stories from Gods Way Everyday to encourage my friends that face similar situations and, to be honest, these testimonies have increased our level of faith...Thank-you for publishing it and I pray that the ministry will expand as the Lord wills.

from DT in Solomon Islands

I borrowed a copy of Gods Way Everyday from a friend and while reading through the daily devotions it really encourage me and lift my Christian faith a step higher... May God richly bless your ministry for reaching our nations for Christ.

from MI in Tonga

I say thank you for all your help me about the gospel of God and I say thank you for put my name onto your mailing box, everything is coming from God. I pray everyday for the Christian work of Pacific Partners that is my present for Pacific Partners because now I have no money to give but only my pray I give you. So Graham I say thank you once again for joining me a partner in the Lord's Word.

from LJ in Fiji

Praise the Lord! ... you are making a great impact for the Lord among those who are hungry for His Word. I have started a new church, this is the 12th church that I have planted in 4 years in my area and now I am reaching out to the lost souls. I would appreciate ... if you could send me your lessons on discipleship.

from MM in Fiji

Those daily readings are a tremendous encouragement to me. I even use it to minister to women's groups in the villages that I visit. These readings are gradually training [my teenage son] to feed on the Word of God regularly. Thank God for the likes of you who minister the Word despite difficult circumstances.

from LT in New Zealand

I would like to give the highest degree of thanks to our Almighty God for thy beautiful day and also thy life that we received each and every day. Thank you Lord for looking after us and still our Saviour. Hi Graham. I would like to share with you what i've learned from today's (27th) words. It does really hits me inside 'cause i'm the one that the Word's talking about. I always went to bed late sometimes very. Most of the days i'm always late to work. Every Sunday morning at 6.30am we had morning service at church and i can't even count how many times i missed this year. I really need to change my habit and those words does helped me alot. I'm sorry to say this but i would like to say thank you very much for your support and help.

from AK in Tonga

This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it" There is hope and prayer that things there are as they are supposed to be, as I know very well that you are doing a lot of very important work. You work wonders with the spirit of world-wide sheeps... I am one of those people who need support and who is thirsty for that running fountain that flows from Up Above... I really do appreciate your work...

from ME in Tonga ...

the only thing I can do is pray for the work and be patient ... I hope that when I finish from here in my studies I would be able to help the work in Tonga, maybe on the holidays, I could help out with the children's stories that usually runs in the mornings, cause I always listen to that radio station.

from W in Tonga

I use to go to a church and everything was done by good works. And when I gave my life to the Lord I didn't understand the word Grace. My friend and even my Pastor tried to explain it to me, but I still didn't understand. But it wasn't until I did the first lesson of [the Pacific Partners Bible study] where I wrote out the meaning of Ephesians 2:8-9 in my own words that I understood it. It's change my life. I use to go to church and not be interested in the things of the church, even the preaching. Sometimes I would go out with my friends during the church service and do other things. But when I understood the word Grace I stayed in church during the whole service and I told my other friends about the word Grace as well and tried to help them understand it.

from ES in Fiji

Praise God for the enrichment of Gods Way Everyday has had on the lives of the students here at USP [University of South Pacific] school of medicine ... here in Fiji. In itself this has undoubtedly proved to be an effective ministry of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the Pacific and for the world at large ...

from CY in Korea

Many Greetings from Korea! Frist of all, I really thank God I can contect with the pacific partners through web site. I lived in Tonga past 3 years as a missionary. On that time I always had a devotional time with the Lord through the Gods way everyday booklet. I really miss Tonga and also my little devotional booklet. So I would like to have the GodsWay Everyday while I will be in Korea ... Thank you so much for your hard work for the pacific Islanders. When I was in Tonga, the booklet always helping the Islanders to learn more about God. It's very simple meassge but it's very practical way to learn about God. So I believe, your work is powerful for the Islanders even myself too.

from HM in New Zealand

Having lived in Tonga [we] have come to appreciate what a wonderful work you do. The radio was our life saver many times. We were truly blessed by the music and the comments. We appreciate the cost of printing material.Gods way everyday is an excellent bibile Reading and Prayer aid.

from PT in Samoa

... with regards to the [Pacific Partners Bible study] materials ... this is the simplest I have found in any Bible material. I think you have put in more than perfect which is excellent translation of the material. It is very easy to understand, I am sure the islanders appreciate your efforts trying to make things the easiest in languague. I am studying lesson 2, and already God is working in changing some parts that was lapsed in my christian life. The lessons is motivating me with studying the Bible every day... I even use my lunch break to study, so you can imaging how interested I am in the lessons... thank you again for the opportunity hooking me up with you people. God bless all of you

from FK a Solomon Islands student in Fiji

I will also pray that the PROVIDER will povide the amount needed for the printing [of Gods Way Everyday] was of a great help and encouragement to during the coups in Fiji and Solomon Islands A lot of my friends from the Church I go to has been asking me and hopefully I will be able to get enough to give to them the booklet when they come and even to my Solomon Wantoks (friends) as well.

from MN in Vanuatu

My husband is a heavy drinker of kava ... as well as the alcoholic. He noticed that I had been using 'Word Today'... I thought I lost my copy little did I know that he got hold of it and was reading it and you could guess what happened, this has changed his life ... I can just confim that, yes definitly, God's Word is always relevant to somebody's life, always.

from RT in Tonga

Praise God for saving us all. Thank God for using you to help me ... I realise I have not been reaching out to other as you have to me... Every time I think of others I weep because I have been blessed and these others who deserve the blessings I have don't have it. I wish God's blessings on you and the relocation of 93FM.

from a prisoner in America

Every time I look at the little girl on the pamphlet of Gods Way Everyday, I feel happy because she looks so happy and innocent and one of God's little children ... Once I'm released, I promise (to help) Pacific Partners financially. Bless the people of Tonga and of the South Pacific.

from KV in Fiji

Bula Vanaka ... Sometimes it (Gods Way Everyday) seems like God's hand writing speaking directly to into our hearts and I praise God. For the past year I had them distributed to my non-Christian work-mates who've become interested [in Christ] and started looking forward to the quarterly copies.

from GT in New Zealand

I just wanted to pass on my personal thanks for ... your ministry. Truly - the devotional book has been a blessing in my life for a long time now, and I thank the Lord for hearts that have such an awesome vision as yours to share the gospel throughout the Pacific. Hebrews 4:12

from HP in Fiji

I am 24 years of age ... I happen to get my hands on Gods Way Everyday from my brother in law's wife who wanted a few sections photocopied for a Bible study. I must congratulate your outreach for the marvelous extent taken to make available such literature, which are inspiring and encouraging... My family will remember you ... for enlightening not only our family but also many other families who need support in their Christian walk.

from EM in Solomon slands

I am a form three student ... I have received Gods Way Everyday. I find that the more I read it, the more I want to pray and just praise the Lord. Many of the examples I read each day that goes with the Scriptures always left me weeping and on my knees. Thank you Pacific Partners for bringing this booklet to the islands.

from LV in New Zealand

Everybody at my Church really enjoy reading Gods Way Everyday. This book has changed the lives of many people. I have heard stories that my male friends read it. Now my friends think that they're hard or should I say 'gangstas'. But after reading the book it has made a big change.

from TT in Samoa

I'm 15 years old ... I've been reading The For You Today for the past two years. It's a great booklet because it applies Bible Scriptures to everyday life and experiences ... a great way to get people to read the Bible.

from P in Samoa

I have two unsaved friends ... that I gave them spare booklets before and I can tell you that they have confessed what changes in their marriages from reading this book [Gods Way Everyday]. They tell me "the editor of this book talks simply on the reality of life" and that's why I think they had changes quickly because of the simple, but powerful words to encourage us. They have been on my back all the time asking "where are the other issues?"

from SP in Australia

SP is a young Samoan man who did the BCF Biblical discipleship course in Auckland three years ago. He'd only been a Christian for a short time, although like many Pacific Islanders, he'd been around church all his life.

Last week he was asked to go into a prison and share his testimony. To his surprise, he was taken to the wing that houses the 'lifers' who have life sentences for crimes like murder, etc. He was given a group of 60 men to speak to. Fortunately, SP had been trained in how to give an effective testimony in the BCF discipleship course and he was able to tell the prisoners that you don't have to be living behind walls to be a prisoner and gave his testimony of what his life had been like and how Jesus had set him free. He finished by telling them that while they may have to live behind walls, they don't have to remain prisoners to the destructive habits of sin that put them in there.

Can you imagine SP's joy when 10 men made commitments for Christ? Straight away, he knew to gather the 10 men together and he showed them from the scriptures what the Christian life means and how they can begin to please and serve God - even right there in that prison.

This story also fills us with joy for another reason. Three years ago as SP started the BCF discipleship class he was too shy and fearful to read aloud from the Bible and was reluctant to hand in any written work. We saw him overcome that fear during the 24 weeks of study, and now less than three years later, he stands in front of those men knowing what to say and having the courage to say it.

Isn't it incredible just how far the Lord will take us when we are determined to be an overcomer and to walk in His way! SP was certainly prepared by God's Word "... in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God" wanted him to do. (See 2 Timothy 3:16,17)

from SF in Fiji

Nisa Bula Vinaka! I praise God for the ministry you are doing. I'm writing to express my gratitude for the great effort you have put into this ministry. I became a member of [Pacific Partners] in the last two years, and I had been blessed by the messages of the "Gods Way Everyday". I'm 21yrs old, and I thank GOD that He has called me into His ministry while I'm still young and active. I'm currently a theology student ... He is a God of love, despite our sinfulness He relate Himself to us and communicate to us in many mysterious ways. Your ministry has been a blessing to me. Phil. 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord...

from BC in Fiji

I found your book Gods Way Everyday and I have so much interest in reading it as my daily bread everyday. Its awesome. It has helped me a lot with my daily walk and talk with the Lord... I thank the Lord for you good people out there who are reaching out to so many hearts around the world and mine in particular.

from NM in Cook Islands

Praise God ... I have seen the great work you are doing ... to relay God's message. Brother, these are the works that every Christian must put in their help... Your Christian families in this area of the South Pacific wish you and your co-workers success ... the good news for you is "Nothing is impossible with God". Kia orana E Kia Manuia.

from PK in New Zealand

I n our recent visit to [a prison in Fiji] we took some spare copies of Gods Way Everyday and they were so excited to receive them as the prisoners had been asking for a daily reading ... May the Lord continue to bless and finance the wonderful work you are doing through Pacific Partners.

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