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Pacific Partners is a non-profit, non-denominational, evangelical Christian


Incorporated in USA (as United Christian Broadcasters Pacific), in New Zealand (as  

Pacific Partners Trust), in Tonga (as Pacific Partners - Tonga), and in the Solomon

Islands (as Pacific Partners - Solomon Islands). The group is known collectively as

Pacific Partners.

A 501[c][3] tax deductible organization for US tax payers, funded entirely by donations and grants.


               •Our Statement of Faith

               •Our Core Values

               •Our Board Members

Our main radio stations are in the Kingdom of Tonga and the Solomon Islands.
We are also developing radio and discipleship ministries in other Islands where we have licences.

Our ministries are led and staffed by local leaders who are trained and assisted by Pacific Partners.

Our Founder and President is Graham A Carter


The mission of Pacific Partners is . . .

Helping South Pacific people disciple their Islands by radio

Radio is extremely effective to reach even the most isolated Pacific Island community,

so we are primarily a Christian radio ministry , but we are different to western styled Christian radio.

That's because, generally . . .

•the Islands are very poor, and there are few resources to run a radio station (of any kind)

most churches are very traditional and put heavy (un-biblical) loads on their people

•there is little understanding of biblical teaching and few resources for Christian ministry

re-broadcasting western radio programs won't work either, because . . .

•Pacific people are oral people (who do not use written language but learn through story, song, and drama).

•Oral people think and learn differently to westerners. Therefore, they do not easily follow the logic and linear thinking patterns assumed in western teaching styles

As well as local Christian radio, we are also heavily committed to the

Follow-up and discipleship of our radio listeners

•to help them apply the Bible to life in the Islands and become fruitful followers of Jesus Christ

•and to build a pool of people who are gifted to use the radio to reach their own nation for Jesus

The liberation of people from religious observance into a joyful relationship with our living Lord and Saviour cannot be hidden in religious, village communities (where people are used to dictatorial leadership, and salvation through adherence to church rules).

The individual's new relationship with Jesus Christ is also very contagious. Listeners hear the joy and passion of their neighbours talking over the radio about learning to follow Jesus, and they can see the changes in their lives. This way, listeners are themselves drawn in to seeking fellowship with these "people who are different" outside of their own church's life-less programs.

Our workers are trained to foster this, by running new believer's classes and planting bible studies in people's homes. And so we have a growing pool of local believers, reaching out to their neighbours, finding their place of Christian service in their community, and some of whom are trained into ministry on the radio.

And so our radio ministry grows, and the island nations are being discipled.

Pacific Partners

Helping South Pacific people disciple their islands by radio

Meet some of our local leaders who are leading their own people to disciple their own Islands by radio


Have you ever looked at a map and noticed how many little dots are scattered across

the vast South Pacific ocean?

11.5 million people on thousands of tiny islands across 25 million square miles of ocean. Millions of people living subsistence lifestyles and speaking over 1350 different languages. Isolated from their neighbours by ocean, culture, and language. Isolated from God by religious tradition and ignorance of biblical teaching.

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